2017 Election Results

2017 Election Results

The Alpine Club of Canada –  Edmonton Section is made up of mountain-minded individuals, who come together to share their unique strengths, knowledge and experience. It would not be the vibrant and resilient organization of 100+ years without the resourcefulness of members who also volunteer their time and energy.

The people who opt to throw their hat into the ring for an executive position commit themselves to putting their skills and expertise towards advancing the values of the Alpine Club and managing the Section’s finances. For the benefit of the rest of us. For three years. For no pay. Much appreciation is due to each candidate for expressing their dedication to the Alpine Club, and to Edmonton members in particular.

The 2017 Alpine Club of Canada – Edmonton Section executive election has concluded. Congratulations and welcome to our newest executive team members:

  • Treasurer Chelsea Hankinson
  • Social Enid Higham
  • Fun, Urban Based Alpine Replication Tim Hankinson
  • Communications & Membership Brian Morrell

Chelsea, Enid, Tim and Brian, may you have fun working with the leadership team and may you get much personal satisfaction from helping others in the alpine community throughout your tenure. You are sure to find great mentors among your predecessors, who have left positive impacts for you to build on. They served the Section well and no doubt will continue to be key contributors to club activities.  It is with warm appreciation that we send Bernie Jess (Treasurer) Jackie Pearce (Social) Suzie Poirier (FUBAR) and Liz Bolt (Communications & Membership) back to the general membership community…where they will now have more time to spend in the hills, I trust. 

In closure, please be mindful that next fall the Edmonton Section will seek nominations for candidates for the positions of a) Safety b) Secretary and c) Chair. What ideas do you have to keep the Alpine Club of Canada timely and relevant in Edmonton?
Donna McColl
Election Committee Chair