April Monthly Meeting

April Monthly Meeting - Tuesday April 18th @ 7pm-9pm



Exploring a Glacier from the Inside Out

Kevin comes to talk to us about his moulin journey. What’s it like down there? When’s the best time to explore them? What are the biggest risks and how can you mitigate them? What can these moulins tell us about the glacier as a whole? 

Kevin Abma has been exploring moulins for the past 3 years. His goal has been to get from the glacier’s surface down to the bedrock below by descending through a moulin. Kevin’s background makes him particularly well suited for exploring moulins. He has been an active caver for over 10 years, serving on the Alberta Speleological Society's Executive for 2 years. He’s a member of Alberta and BC’s Cave Rescue Organization and has participated in countless cave and rope rescue scenarios. 5 years ago, Kevin turned his attention to climbing the eleven-thousanders of the Canadian Rockies. During this time, Kevin’s passion turned to glaciers, as they are an essential component to every big mountain. With a background in caving and a passion for glaciers, it’s only natural to assume that he would progress to caving in a glacier.