NEW In-Town Volunteer Opportunities

We are regularly approached by awesome members that are looking for ways to help out the Section that don’t involve trips, or roles that are situated here in Edmonton. While trips usually take center stage, it's often these volunteers that help keep the Section’s activities vibrant and varied. Please browse the list below and reach out to the contacts listed for more info!

Photo Contest: Photo judges and other helpers needed for this late-November event!  This event is making a come back in 2018 and we are looking for motivated volunteers to help make it a success! This is a great way to celebrate our member’s adventures in the mountains and revive this visual legacy of the Edmonton Section. Contest information is on the website, here. Contact

Ski Touring Night Coordinator(s): Weekly evening coordinator at local ski hill, 1 or more people to share the position. Starts mid-December through to early March, excluding holidays. Responsibilities include administering waivers, tickets, and sign-ins. Additional support will be provided for social events, demo nights, and training/coaching on these nights. Contact:

Ice Mentors: Looking for ice leaders willing to share ice technique and anchor concepts locally in town, outdoors. Wednesday evenings, November through December. Contact:

Local Partners Coordinator: Liaison with local retail partners to organize regular discount and promotional events, 4-6 times per year. This volunteer would typically attend and promote the events and could be supported by other members. Contact:

Trip/Event Management Website Lead: Project lead to coordinate development of a web-based solution for management of trips, events, and corresponding member interaction. See Calgary and Rocky Mountain Section websites for examples. The volunteer will identify and manage a developer and liaison with the Board. Contact:

Trip Coordinator Handbook: Volunteer(s) to compile existing section handbooks, determine relevant content, and update/customize for Edmonton Section. End products could be a handbook, updated guidelines, and/or a suite of resources on the web. Contact: