2018 Section Election

Election Season!

It's the time of year when we look to elect some of our board, for a multi-year term (each year different positions are elected). Each candidate in the 2018 election has prepared a short statement, so you can get to know them a bit better. All will also be presenting at the September Monthly Meeting, so come out and hear them in person!

How do I vote for a candidate?
Voting is not currently open. Once voting is open you will receive an email with instructions on how to vote (electronically only).

When do I get to know the results?
The results will be sent out after voting has concluded. The new board members will be introduced at our late October AGM.

Candidate Statements

Section Chair

Barry Anderson

First off I’d like to thank my fellow section member for the nomination.  I joined the ACC Edmonton Section after moving here only 6 years ago, with no network and the Alpine Club has been an invaluable piece of social infrastructure.  I have acted as a board member, mentor on club courses and trip organizer as part of an effort to invest back into the club that has had such a positive impact on my life.  Through the course of my day job and other volunteer activities I have completed structured leadership training, developed and continuously exercised my collaborative communication muscles to facilitate decision making through group consensus.    Using these skills to execute the role of Section Chair would be an honor and a privilege as I am aware of the integrity and passion current board and numerous club members bring to this organization.

Steven Rockarts

I’ve been a member of the Edmonton section since 2012 and my climbing career has “grown up” with the club so to speak. I started out with the club learning through SIM and then as a participant on trips over the first few years. After getting a lot out of the club, I decided to give back and have volunteered in many capacities, including running Winter on Ice, various styles of trips and teaching clinics in town. I’ve also volunteered on the board in the past as communications director. Over the years, I have seen the club grow a lot and I’m excited about the direction it is heading in. I’d like to see the section become one of inclusivity and be the first place people think of when looking for a place to help grow their confidence and leadership in the mountains.


Michele Eickholt

I enjoy climbing, hiking, bicycling, and ski-touring in the beautiful Canadian Rockies. I gained an introduction to the mountains when I first came to Alberta through the ACC Edmonton Winter In the Mountains course and have kept having fun in the club. I co-lead climbing and ski touring trips. I’ve organized the Marmot Meadows group camp this summer and help with belay checks at RJF. The Secretary position is another opportunity to be involved and give back.

My career has been in public institutions. I’ve been in Edmonton for six years now and work in finance for the City, including providing planning and strategy in my team. Addressing the specific requirements of the Secretary position: I’m organized, fast and accurate at documenting meetings and have experience with reviews of policies and procedures. 

Thanks for your consideration!

Brian Fenske

Hello! My name is Bryan and I would like to be your next section secretary! While I only joined the Edmonton Section in October 2017, I cannot remember a time when the outdoors and mountains have not been a part of my life - I evidently was camping in a tent as an infant. Gradually, my sights turned to summiting mountains in addition to hiking below them. After over a decade of scrambling and a few close calls, I decided joining the section and taking some courses was a safer path forward. In addition, as my interests became more challenging, flying solo was no longer as appealing and I needed a medium to make a few wilderness friends. The club has not disappointed and I am eager to utilize my life-long passion for the mountains and give back to a local community that has already given me so much!


Safety Chair

Rick Checkland

I am running for re-election as the safety chair.

The safety chair has one basic responsibility. The safety chair and their committee perform the due diligence required to protect the section, its members and the trip leader. This means ensuring that the trip objectives, planning, and the leader’s level of training and experience are consistent with the legal responsibilities of the Edmonton section. This due diligence can involve discussing and providing suggestions to the trip leader to ensure the trip is safe and conducted for the benefit of the participants.

I have served in a number of board positions, including section chair, Breeze (newsletter) editor, climbing chair, ski chair, and courses chair. As well I have been involved with leading trips and instructing the section’s basic schools for over 4 decades.

I am active in climbing, skiing and hiking on section trips and lead several every year.

Foster Karcha

As Safety Chair, I would bring years of board experience, leadership experience, and a deep interest in safety cultures, risk management and mountain safety to the service of the club. I have experience mountaineering in winter and summer, backcountry skiing, rock, and ice climbing. I have previously served the club as Leadership Director (2013-2016), and I have been leading ski, mountaineering, rock and ice climbing trips for the club since 2014. In addition, I have over 8 years of experience in Search and Rescue, where I have served as a Team Leader (over 5 years), Training Director (2014-2017), and am the current Tasking Agency Liaison for Parkland Search and Rescue. I would bring a risk-based approach to the Safety Chair, encouraging volunteerism in the section: I would work with my fellow board members, volunteers, and course organizers to create opportunities for members while maintaining our strong safety culture.