Edmonton Section Summer Camp 2019

Aug. 25 – Sept. 02

Little Yoho Valley

This year’s camp will be held in Yoho National Park near Field B.C. the camp will be twenty-one persons at the Stanley Mitchell Hut belonging to the ACC http://www.alpineclubofcanada.ca/facility/stanley.html.  The main activity in this area is hiking and beginner to intermediate scrambling.  There are two mountaineering objectives the Presidents and Isolated Peak both are glacier ice approaches.  We will be bringing club ropes for those who wish to cross the glaciers and have experience.  The hut is well equipped with a propane stove and lights.  The main floor is dinning area and kitchen.  A large loft is a common sleeping bunk room above.                       

Based on a break even budget cost of the camp will be $600 for the week.  This will include accommodation at the hut, all food, breakfast, packed lunch, tea time, and dinner and camp cook.

The back country pass will not be included and is available from me, I will order them as a group from the National office of the ACC.  If you try to order them from ACC National directly you may not be able to, it contravenes their policy.  They want it done as a group.  The same with Parks Canada.  I separated the camp money from the passes because some may wish to go without a pass, take the risk.  I have not used one in the past and have not been asked.  To avoid the stress and the fine add $9.80 per night, $68.60 to the camp fee and I will send to the club and they will send me a verifying email.

The National Park web page, follow the leads from this page and remember the highway cuts this park in two and we will be in the Little Yoho Valley to the north and not Lake O’Hara to the south. https://www.field.ca/yohonationalpark/

Bivowac.com has some pictures of the area http://bivouac.com/ArxPg.asp?ArxId=2024

The following books are of interest: The Wonder of Yoho, Don Beers very good for trails.  Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies, Alan Kane.  Selected Alpine Climbs

For further information and to secure a place;

John Booth

Ph. H.780-462-8014 or C.780-913-7620


To make your reservation email me and after getting confirmation I will keep your reservation for 10 days until your cheque arrives.  Please make cheque payable to “Edmonton Section of the ACC “and mail to me. Also you can do an e transfer. I will keep your cheque on file till June 1 when I will deposit them all. 

The camp is being organized and run by volunteers.  There will be no professional guides.  There will be a camp manager who will co-ordinate activities at the camp but will not act as an instructor or guide.  Participants will form their own groups and appoint a leader for each day's activities.  Participants will be expected to sigh up on the duty roster to share in camp chores such as helping cooking, cleaning, water hauling, garbage disposal, and other duties.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations made before June 1, your fee less $75 will be refunded.

Cancellations made after June1, your fee will be forfeited unless a paid replacement is found. If a cancellation is made for compassionate reasons a refund may be made at the discretion of the manager.

It is a requirement of our liability insurance that all participants must sign our waiver. Also members of the ACC Edmonton Section.   Membership may be obtained from http://www.alpineclubofcanada.ca/  or ph.403-678-3200 ACC  office

First button on top of screen for memberships.  The Edmonton section web site is the easy way to find the waiver form, second button at top    https://www.alpineclubofcanada.ca/web/ACCMember/Community/Leadership_Development/Forms/ACCMember/Community/Forms.aspx?hkey=32fb39d3-3bdd-4ef7-b7b5-b3ea805aef02. If you have not signed a club waiver before you are required to down load the form and mail it to the camp manager a least a week before the camp, sighed and witnessed.

The weather at this time of year is usually stable but it is possible to have rain and cold, so come prepared.  The mornings can be quite cold.  Climbing ropes will be supplied but you must bring your own climbing gear.  Maps and guide books can be obtained from ACC office in Canmore.

If you have any dietary or health problems that we should know about, please contact the camp manager. There will be forms at camp asking for medical info information and next of kin.