The following election process is in place for 2018:


Eligible Positions

The following positions will be eligible for election in 2018:

  1. Safety Chair
  2. Secretary
  3. Chair

The following positions will be eligible for election in 2019:

  1. Volunteer Coordinator
  2. Access & Environment
  3. Vice Chair

The following positions will be eligible for election in 2020:

  1. Treasurer
  2. Social Chair
  3. FUBAR (Urban Activities) Chair
  4. Communications & Membership Chair


Nomination Committee

The nomination committee has the following roles:

  • Advertises all eligible positions, and solicits volunteers with the pertinent skills to run in the election.
  • Provides clear job descriptions to the entire membership of the section.
  • Effectively communicates with the entire membership of the section to encourage volunteers to come forward.
  • Targets candidates having traits that are deemed desirable by the committee for each open position.
  • Verifies candidate eligibility for the elections, and provides the list to the membership of the section.
  • Does not endorse or otherwise provide its own opinion on the ideal candidate for a given position.
  • During the nomination period, the nomination committee will update the elections webpage regularly with a list of nominees.  This will ensure that both members and candidates are aware of who is running in the election.

The nomination committee will be composed of:

  • A chair, who is selected by the members of the nominating committee.
  • A member of the current board, whose term is coming to an end at the election, and who is not standing for election for any position on the board.
    • If no such member is available, the board may appoint an alternate member of the Section, qualified to vote in the election.
  • At least two members of the section, qualified to vote, who are not running in the current election.

Voter & Candidate Eligibility

To be eligible to vote, a member must be

  • A member of the ACC shown as a “main contact” in the ACC database, on the day that voting opens for the election.  For clarity, a “family membership” has two “main contacts”, and both will be eligible to vote in the election
  • Affiliated with the Edmonton Section.

To be eligible, a candidate must be:

  • A member of the ACC shown as a “main contact” in the ACC database on the day that the election is announced.  For clarity, a “family membership” has two “main contacts”, and both will be eligible to run in the election.
  • Affiliated with the Edmonton Section.
  • Seconded by at least one eligible voting member (not including members of the nominating committee).
  • For the position of Treasurer;
    • Have proven familiarity with bookkeeping best practices, preferably with some experience in small businesses or non-profit organisations.
    • Willing and able to pass a criminal record check.

General Election Terms & Timeline

  • There will be no limit on the number of candidates for a given position.  That being said, in the case of a large number of candidates expressing interest in one specific position, the nomination committee may encourage some of those candidates to run for alternative positions.
  • Nominations will close on September 1, 2018.
  • Candidates may provide a statement, not to exceed 150 words which will be published by email in The Breeze.  Statements are due to the nomination committee chair no later than September 1, 2018, and will be published shortly thereafter.
  • At the September monthly meeting of the Section, all members will be informed of the candidates in the election and each candidate will have an opportunity to speak to the membership.
  • The election will occur in September.  Voting will open on the day after the September monthly meeting, and  will close two weeks thereafter. 
  • Voting will take place online.
  • The nominating committee chair will scrutinize the election.  This includes fair and even allocation of the floor to each candidate at the September monthly meeting.
  • The successful candidate for each position will be the candidate with the most votes received at the close of voting.
  • In the event of a tie for the successful candidate, the nomination committee chair will cast an additional vote to break the tie.
  • The successful candidates will become active members of the board on November 1, 2018.  They are expected to serve for a three-year term.