Fall 2019 Election

The Edmonton Section will be hosting an election for executive members this fall. We want you as a member to become involved!  Whether your involvement is voting in the election, nominating a candidate, or volunteering yourself, we appreciate and desire your participation!

The deadline for nominating yourself or a friend to run in the election is September 10, 2019

Which positions on the executive are open?

The open positions are:

  1. Volunteering

  2. Communications

  3. Environment & Access

  4. Social

For more information, please see the executive roles description.

Eligibility Information

This is a good time to make sure your membership information is up to date, you have paid your membership fees, you have Edmonton section membership, or if you have a family membership all family members have member profiles. You must do this on the ACC national website.
If your information is not up to date (we are unable to contact you), or you do not have a valid membership, by September 1, 2019, you will not be eligible to vote or run in the Edmonton section election this year.

Fall 2018 Election

The Edmonton Section had an election in fall 2018, you can see the results online.

You can read the election report here.