Instructions Image 1.jpg

Step 1: Add a Calendar to your own Google Calendar

Click the "+ Google Calendar" button on the bottom right corner of the calendar above.

Step #2: Select Calendars to Add

Select any of the listed calendars to add it to your own calendar, or select them all!

Instructions Image 3.jpg

Step #3: Find the Added Calendar under "Other Calendars"

Click the drop-down menu (triangle shape) to the left of "Other calendars", and you will find your added calendar(s).

Instructions Image 4.jpg

Step #4: Open "Calendar Settings"


Click the drop-down to the right of the new calendar, and click on "Calendar settings".

Instructions Image 5.jpg

Step #5: Edit Calendar Notifications

On the top of your screen, select "Edit notifications".  Then, in the bottom right, select how you want to receive notifications about changes to the calendar.  If you select "New events", you will receive an email every  time a new trip is posted to our schedule, allowing you to be first on the sign-up list!


Finally, in the bottom left-hand corner, click "Save" to save the changes you've made.


If you have added more than one calendar, make sure to edit the notifications for all calendars!


Voila!  You're now getting notifications about our new trips, our social events, or our urban events!  We can't wait to see you out at these!