The Edmonton Section will be hosting an election for executive members this fall.  We want you as a member to become involved!  Whether your involvement is voting in the election, nominating a candidate, or volunteering yourself, we appreciate and desire your participation!

What is the ACC Edmonton Section's Executive?

The ACC Edmonton Executive is a volunteer-staffed working board which manages the section's finances and organizes its activities.


What are the Election Regulations?

The regulations are available here: Election Regulations.


What does this mean for me?

  1. You have the chance to become involved!
    • You will get to vote and decide who manages your section & the section's portion of your membership fees.
    • You have the chance to nominate someone who you think would be a great person on the section's board.
    • You can run in the election yourself.
  2. The election will open at the September monthly meeting, and will close two weeks thereafter.  You will be able to vote online.


Which positions on the executive are open?

The open positions are:

  1. Safety Chair
  2. Secretary
  3. Section Chair

The above constitutes one third of the current executive.  Postings for all openings are available here: Open Executive Position Postings


When do candidates have to express interest?

The deadline for nominating yourself or a friend is September 1, 2018.


Want to nominate someone, or apply yourself?

Members are encouraged to nominate others, or to express their own interest.  Nominate a friend, or apply yourself by contacting the candidate nomination committee chair by email at  Candidates should submit a short email expressing their interest, and identifying how they meet the requirements of the position.

We look forward to receiving your application!