leadership 101

Leading your fellow club members in the mountain environment is a rewarding experience! Edmonton Section activities are centered around our trip schedule, and our activities would be much diminished without the commitment and skill of our volunteer Trip Coordinators.  The club is focused on giving members the opportunity to lead within their comfort level:  if you have ever been interested, we have a way to use your talent and provide you the skills to be a leader!

Trip Coordinator Orientation

Semi-annually, the Section hosts a Trip Coordinator Orientation session to assist you in understanding the roles and responsibilities of the Trip Coordinator, club policies, what makes good leadership, and tips on how to manage your trips.  More than a boring lecture, this is an interactive discussion and Q & A where we share our collective experience. Please see the Trip Coordinator Guidelines for an overview of the guidelines and polices that are reviewed in our Orientation sessions.

Assisting on Development Courses

The Edmonton Section holds three beginner level courses each year to pass on mountain skills and bring new people to the outdoors.  Not only do these courses have classroom sessions but they have multiple field weekends where you can coach and instruct new climbers, mountaineers, and skiers in safe and efficient practices.  You will be part of a team with many experienced section volunteers, so you won't have to worry as plenty of help is nearby.

The Development Courses are always looks for more help!  Feel free to contact the Volunteer Coordinator (volunteering@accedmonton.ca) or the Development Course organizers (links below) for find out how you can help out:

Summer In The Mountains (SIM)

Winter In The Mountains (WIM)

Winter On Ice (WOI)

Mentoring and Shadowing

Do you want to get a taste of coordinating a trip?  Or do you have a trip idea, but wouldn't mind an extra hand?  Or even just experienced eyes to help you out?  The Section Volunteer Coordinator can help you find an experienced co-leader for your objective, and team you up to get you the assistance and advice you need for your trip.  Big or small objectives, we will be able to find you a knowledgeable, safe, and experienced member to team with!  Contact the Volunteer Coordinator (volunteering@accedmonton.ca) for more information.

Trip Planning Meeting

Feeling ready to lead?  The Trip Planning Meetings are held semi-annually in the spring and fall of each year.  Current and prospective leaders get together at each meeting to discuss and arrange trips together.  If you're looking for a partner, want to see the process, or just want to get more information on trip leadership please feel free to join us.  Watch the club Announcements and the Breeze for the dates!

Volunteer Course Subsidy Program

The opportunity to learn new skills and refresh old ones is an important benefit of section membership.  The section recognizes that our trip coordinators need continual development to maintain their skills, provide a better trip experience, and continue their own progression in the outdoors.  As well, the club would like to encourage new volunteers to step forward by taking on trips within their comfort level and having the opportunity to learn the skills necessary to manage trips in mountain terrain. To this end the section believes that offering subsidization to trip coordinators and volunteers through a fair and objective system to take courses and training as they see fit is the most flexible method for all volunteers and the section.

Please check out the latest Volunteer Course Subsidy Policy for more information!