Monthly Meetings

Our monthly meetings take place on Tuesdays in the latter part of each month. Special presentations offer topical insight into various aspects of mountain culture, history, events, and recreation.

June Monthly Meeting (Annual bbq!)

Tuesday, June 18
6:00 PM

Please join us for the annual June BBQ, a great opportunity to share ideas for summer trips, meet other members, and enjoy some good grub. There will be burgers, including some non meat options (although, due to available equipment, they will be grilled on the same surface as meat options), as well as veggies and snacks, and both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. All that, and more for just $10. Those who led trips in the previous 12 months get it all for free!

In addition there will be some awards presented to very deserving members, who go the extra mile on behalf of our section.

ACC curious friends and children are welcome (there is a playground on site).

There will be a need for a few volunteers to assist with setting up and taking down/cleaning up. If you can lend a hand please contact:

Strathcona Community League Hall
10139 - 87 Ave.

Plenty of on-site parking.