How to Submit a Trip

Volunteer-lead trips are the heart and soul of our club. Thanks for volunteering to run a trip with us!  To submit a trip as the Trip Coordinator, please complete the online TRIP SUBMIT FORM.  

Following submission, your trip proposal will be evaluated by the climbing committee.  If there are no concerns with your trip, it will appear on the Trip Schedule and Events Calendar in a few days.  If the committee has any questions about your trip, they will contact you directly.

Once your trip is posted, members will contact you! Please feel free to make use of the Trip Participant Application Forms to gather information about your prospective participants. 

The ACC Waiver must be provided to participants to read and understand in advance of the trip (preferably 1 week), and signed in person before the trip activities commence.

If you have questions, difficulties, or feedback for us, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at We look forward to hearing from you!


Please review our Trip Coordinator Guidelines prior to submitting your trip. These guidelines have been prepared to help you successfully plan and manage your trips, and to outline the main expectations and policies that apply to Trip Coordinators.


In addition to the guidelines (above), new trip coordinators should provide additional background information to the Safety Committee via the trip submit form. When submitting a trip for the first time, please include the following details when asked for "relevant experience" in the trip form:

  • technical background/experience (e.g. similar objective completed) 
  • leadership experience 
  • any training and courses relevant to the proposed activity
  • a reference from the section, preferably a trip coordinator. 

New and existing trip coordinators that are looking to get more experience and/or training can refer to Leadership 101 for information on leadership development, orientation sessions, and the course subsidy policy.