Section Executive



Craig Hartmetz

I've been fascinated by the mountains for as long as I can remember.  When I was in my early teens, I convinced my dad to take the ACC's introductory courses with me.  I got hooked fast, and ended up involved with the ACC afterwards!  I'm super passionate about introducing people to mountain activities, and am stoked to help make the ACC an awesome club to be a part of!  You can see me out in the mountains regularly, or at many of our in-town events during the week.  My guilty pleasure is that I love fly fishing; sometimes I get distracted from summer climbing by the thought of standing in a cool stream with my rod and a box of dry flies!


vice chair

Currently Vacant



James Eastham




As an outdoor enthusiast and earnest accountant, combining both in this role is an exciting opportunity. When I’m not outside hiking, climbing, running or skiing, I’m inside engrossed in books and numbers. Don’t worry though, I won’t let the numbers keep me from getting to know you. I look forward to seeing you all out there!


Social Chair

Enid Higham

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Volunteer Coordinator

Dustin McLachlan

Dustin is an avid backcountry skier and fair-weather mountaineer with a passion for adventure, shared experiences, high summits, and long days in the mountains. Dustin's responsibilities on the Board include recruiting new volunteers, establishing mentoring and development opportunities, providing resources for active trip coordinators, and supporting the Vice Chair to facilitate ongoing leadership and technical training. He is also responsible for volunteer recognition programs (local and national awards), course subsidies for volunteers, and applications for The North Face Leadership courses. Members looking for ways to get more involved, coordinate trips, or develop their technical and leadership skills can reach Dustin at any time or can attend the Trip Coordinator orientations in the Fall and Spring.


Urban Activities


When I think of what the alpine means to me I often think of community. If during my years of hiking, climbing and skiing community was absent, I doubt these activities would be filling up my weekends like they do nowadays. My hope is to harness my passion for our community into a continued positive evolution of the club. Whether you catch me in the city, on the side of a mountain, or hiking in the valley bottom, please say “Hi!” If our paths don’t cross soon enough, don’t hesitate to send me an email. I’d love to hear your stories, aspirations, and thoughts. Or, at the very least make a new friend.


Safety Chair

Rick Checkland


Communications & Membership


"Well this escalated quickly," were pretty much my thoughts when I realized I was going submit my name for a board position a year and a half after joining the club. But in that short time I made so many new friends, picked up so many new activities, and learned so many new skills because of the wonderful volunteers that make up the Edmonton Section of the Alpine Club of Canada that I really wanted to try to do my part to keep the club awesome. 


If you have any mountain adventure stories that you want to share, let me know and we can turn them into a trip report in the Breeze or on the website. 


Access & Environment

Jeff Ball

My name is Jeff Ball and I am your Access and Environmental Stewardship representative. I joined the ACC in 1994 and the Edmonton section in 2007. I’m passionate about all things skiing and I’ve participated in a number of section ski trips. I’ve also been a wildlife biologist for more than 20 years. I design conservation programs that balance the needs of wildlife with the needs and interests of society. Promoting mountain recreation and supporting conservation of mountain environments are core values of the ACC. I am here to represent your interests on these issues.


Junior Ambassador

Coming Soon!

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